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Posted on: February 16th, 2013

James called me from Europe to say he was planning to propose to his girlfriend, Leslie, on Valentine’s day in Sacramento.  He asked if I would be available to shoot the proposal and I jumped at the chance!  To start the day of surprises, James and I met at Leslie’s house in the afternoon.  He placed this bouquet of flowers on her doorstep with a note.  The note would instruct her to pack a bag for the weekend and be outside at 3:30pm.  She thought that she would be picked up for a night out with local friends, but little did she realize, the surprises were just beginning…blogboard1


Ok, let me explain further what I meant when I said that James called me from Europe…  James is in the military and lives over there.  At least for now.  And the important part of the surprise is that Leslie had no idea he was going to be in the country.  He actually only landed in the U.S. at 11am on Valentine’s Day morning…

Above you can see a shot of the ring James got for her.  Its a heart shaped diamond which, James found out, is hard to find.   Waiting for this special ring to be ready played into the timing of the proposal, but I digress.

After leaving the flowers at Leslie’s house, and having her family come up with a reason to have her come home from work early, James and I made our way to the Hyatt in downtown Sacramento.  The staff there were excited about our plans.

A limousine picked up Leslie from her house and brought her to the Hyatt.  She still thought she was meeting up with some girlfriends for the evening.  Much to her surprise, she saw James when she walked through the door!  After a warm reunion, James brought her up the stairs for the proposal.


Some sort of youth conference was going on at the Hyatt on the 14th, so the hallways were filled with high school kids in suits.  A crowd of them gathered while James was kneeling.  After Leslie accepted, he turned to the high school crowd and yelled “She said yes!!”  They were ecstatic.


Before they headed off to dinner, and then hopped on a plane for a weekend away in SoCal, we walked across the street to get some pictures at the park.  It was such an exciting day.  I was actually jittery from all the love and excitement all around.  It was an honor to get to document this important life event.





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  1. Stephanie Ronsin says:

    These are so great, Amy, and show the true happiness and love! Good job!

    • James and Leslie, you are sweetness in gentle souls; a match made in heaven! Thank you,Heavenly Father,for bringing them together. You have blessed me; captured my heart and brought me tears of Joy!

      Amy thank you for these exceptional photographs! You have
      have a keen sense for detail,in the use of Light, form and composition. You have shown a subtle delicate balance of passion and emotion. You have captured the essence of pure sweetness, in the beauty of God’s Holy Creation, a man and a woman in love.

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  4. Chris says:

    I would like prices on wedding proposal photos.

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