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Young/McNicholas Extended Family Portraits

Posted on: November 1st, 2011
Too cute, right?  I had a great time shooting this extended family session in Woodland, CA this past weekend!  It had been 4 years since I had seen my friend Michelle (aside from facebook updates, which are nowhere near as good as real in-person updates).  I knew it was 4 years because that’s how old the little guy above is, and I had last seen him when he was just a couple of months old.  Michelle is genuine, compassionate, and very witty and she and her family are a joy to be around.  You can tell they all love spending time together, and love is abundant in this group.   I want to thank them for letting me spend the afternoon capturing these moments.
And one last thing:  I’d like to thank all the kids in this shoot for being so much fun!  They loved the camera and my camera loved them!


Lukens Family Portraits

Posted on: October 24th, 2011
I met Cristina back in high school where we did plays together.  She has always been such a sweet person with a warm heart.  Years later I met her older brother, Erik, through the Woodland Opera House and we’ve been friends ever since.  There is something really special about them, and I think part of it is their love of family.
This was my first time getting to meet the rest of Cristina’s family, and they are such a fun group!  I was happy to get to spend the afternoon with them at the UC Davis Arboretum capturing these special family moments.