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Makeover Portrait Session Special Event Woodland CA

Posted on: February 7th, 2013


This Sunday, February 10th, we Sacramento Vocal Music, in collaboration with a team of makeup and hair stylists, and myself, will be hosting a special makeover event.  This is a perfect excuse to get your hair and makeup done for a night out, or just treat yourself to an afternoon of pampering.  Details are on the flier above, and the price is only $150 (to give you some reference, makeup alone could be $150…).  We have 5 spots currently available, and you must sign up for a specific time so that we can have the stylists available for you.  The event will be held at the SVM studio at 650 First Street in Woodland, CA.

Email me at to sign up.

Also a great gift idea!

**Note: Current students (or moms of students) of Sacramento Vocal Music get a discount – just mention SVM when you email me.

Digital Photography Class, Woodland, CA workshop

Posted on: February 7th, 2013

We’re back with another intro class for people who would like to learn how to shoot in manual, learn the basic elements of camera exposure, and become more comfortable using their cameras.  For this workshop, the activities will be focused on macro and product photography.  Each participant will be asked to bring an object from home to photograph in class.

The techniques you learn in class can be applied to all different kinds of photography, since the basic lesson is how to adjust settings on your camera to get the exposure you want.  We will also be paying attention to the direction of light and how it bounces off objects.

Space is limited, so email today to reserve your space!  Only $30 per person.

digital photography class

Valentine’s Mini Sessions, Studio Photographs in Woodland CA

Posted on: January 7th, 2013

I love this season and this time of year, so I am planning to share the love by offering this special offer of Valentine’s Day mini sessions in the studio!  Its a fun surprise gift to give the one you love, or a great time to get an updated portrait of you, your sweetheart, or your little one.  Or do a 2 person session with your sweetheart, or a BFF!  An all ages event (sorry – no pets).

The details:

  • Sunday, January 27th
  • Woodland, CA
  • 15 minute photo session against a white back drop with studio lighting.
  • Up to 2 people per session.
  • 2 images on a disc with print release.
  • $40 print credit to your own password protected online gallery.

All for the special price of $129.

(Optional – add a makeup artist to your session for $50. Let me know when you email me if you are interested in adding makeup).

I also offer a variety of professionally printed photo gifts that you can create from your images.

 valentines mini 2013

Sign up by emailing me at  Spots available on a first come, first serve basis.  Payment required to secure session time. Studio is located in Woodland, CA.

Digital Photography Class Woodland, CA

Posted on: January 2nd, 2013

Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday season!  I was very excited to get some cool new camera gear for Christmas which got me thinking… I wonder how many new D-SLR owners are out there trying to get their cameras out of “auto” mode, but feel stuck…

If you are anything like I was when I got my first “serious” camera, you have opened the box, and then stared at the back of it for a few minutes wondering what all the menu options really mean.  You know that you could sit down and read the manual, but wouldn’t it be more fun to try out your camera with a group of people in the same boat?  And best of all, get a chance to ask questions from a pro photographer who can share their experience?

I have designed this course just for you!  Its set up to go over the basic elements of exposure (shutter speed, ISO, and aperture) and also touch on some composition elements and techniques.  Its part lecture, but a lot of the time will be spent actually getting up and trying things out.  I think the best way to really learn is by doing, so this workshop will be interactive and hands-on (once we get past the technical talk… which I will try and keep short!).

Your camera cost hundreds of dollars… why not spend $30 more and gain some confidence about how to use it?

If you are interested, email me to register and secure your spot.  Space is limited.



A little about me:  I shoot with Nikon cameras, but have also worked with Canon.  I love, love, love teaching, and enjoy sharing what I have learned along the way.  I am approaching my second year as a photographer, and have spent the last year and half soaking up as much training as I could.  I would love to share some of that with you through this intro course.

This course is beginning level, and no previous experience is necessary.  Please be prepared to bring your camera along with you to class.



Before and After: Makeover Photo Shoot

Posted on: October 29th, 2012

Makeover Day!  This idea started as an idea to do something nice for my mom (pictured above) and ended up being a full day of studio fun!  Working with the fabulous hair and makeup artists Veronica Marshall and Colette DelGracia Ryder-Cobb of Dolce Vita Beauty, each model spent time getting pampered and made up for their own portrait sessions.  Next it was into the studio with me for posting and smiling and not smiling, and posing, and sitting and standing and leaning and… you get the idea.  I had been looking for a gift idea for my mom, and was going to book a portrait session for her with a photographer when I remembered… Hey!  I am a photographer!  And now I can make her a photo gift for Christmas.

Here are a few samples of the before and after shots of some amazing and beautiful women!

Sacramento Vocal Music’s Open House and Amy Shuman Reception

Posted on: October 9th, 2012

Here we are: Amy Shuman and James Hernandez, standing proudly at the premier partnership event, and custom art installation for Sacramento Vocal Music  and Amy Shuman Photography.

But how did we get here?

James and I first met at the Woodland Opera House as we prepared to put on the school edition production of Les Miserables.  I knew right away that we would fast become friends.  We are both passionate artists and dedicated educators with a love of humor, and a vocal admiration of our own modesty.  :)

James’ new vocal studio is a dream come true.  A perfect location for his work, and a welcoming place for the artistic community.  James’ open house was an amazing event, full of energy and art.  When I first toured the studio this summer, I had a vision for a wall that would come to life.  I wanted to photograph him teaching and cover the wall in canvas featuring him and his students.  We were able to do just that, and James generously extended his open house to also be an artist’s reception for “yours truly.”  I was excited to share some of the European Landscape canvasses, and a variety of portraits and albums.

This blog post is just a small way that I can publicly thank James for all of his support.  He has been a great supporter since the days when my business was just a camera and a dream.  I am proud to stand next to James, and proud to be partnered with Sacramento Vocal Music.

Thank you to everyone who came out to show support at the event, all the people who worked so hard to get the event ready, and all those who sent us notes to be there in spirit.  Thank you to James and David, and Anna for opening up their home.  Thank you to Liz for doing my makeup, and to Ryan for taking the event photos.  Thank you to everyone who showed up with snacks and desserts.  Lastly, thank you to my mom for bringing the chicken wings (even though I told her she didn’t need to bring anything).  I heard people really liked those.


Photography Workshop Series #1, Davis, CA

Posted on: August 8th, 2012

Last week was the first photography class I held, and I couldn’t have been happier with the result!  We had a great turnout, great people, and a great time.  After the class I was thrilled to find out that people wanted to learn more, and that there were also people contacting me from facebook who missed the class and wanted to come to another…

Those of you who know me may know that I am just as passionate about teaching as I am about my art.  My favorite thing to do?  Teach art.  For years I have taught drama and dance classes and directed plays and theatre workshops and love it.  As I have been studying and practicing with photography I had in the back on my mind the idea that I would love to teach that, too.  Thank you for letting me do something I enjoy so much, and for sharing that joy with all of you!

After the first class I came home and immediately started planning the next one, and here is what I came up with:


These classes are geared for beginning photographers, or people who have been taking pictures, but haven’t taken formal training.  I have had my photography business for a little over a year and consider myself a lifelong learner.  In the classes I will share with you things I wish I had known when I first picked up my camera, and help you by sharing tips that will help with your everyday portraits.  The workshops are a mix of lecture and activity so that you can practice and learn together.  Since the same group will meet for 3 weeks, you will be able to contact me and ask questions between classes, and I will also send out resources and info through email that you may find helpful.  Here is the breakdown on topics:

8/14: Natural Lighting for Outdoor Portraits
8/21: Composition Elements and Exposure
8/28: Posing

If you want a fun activity to do this last month of summer, or if you want to move towards shooting in manual mode without fear, this could be your class.  Enroll early, because space is limited.  To sign up, email me at


Hope to see you there!




P.S. Stay tuned for a 3 class series in September related to post-processing (editing) photos!


500 Fans!?! I am the luckiest girl!

Posted on: July 27th, 2012

Today is a special day for me.  Since I started this business just over a year ago, I have been setting monthly goals for myself, and one of those goals was to reach 500 fans on my facebook page.  Today, that milestone was hit, and I would like to take a minute to express what the 500 of you mean to me.

As an artist I have a passion about what I do, and feel connected to the people I have the privilege to photograph.  I pour my soul into every photo and always try my best to create images clients will love and cherish.  In the early days, posting images on facebook was more emotional for me than I thought it would be.  I would post an image and then wait nervously by my computer to see what people thought of it (ready to delete it if it wasn’t well received). What I am trying to say to you, fans of my page, is that it has been your support and positive feedback that has played a huge role in my journey as a photographer.  It has been your encouragement that has motivated me to learn new techniques so I could give you better photos.  I wanted to fill everyone’s newsfeed with the most beautiful images I could create.

I thank you for seeing potential in my early work.  I thank you for continuing to support me as I experiment with new techniques.  I thank you for being a part of this major activity in my life.

So, I am not going to lie… even now, once I post new images I still sit there by my computer for at least a good 20 minutes to see what the response will be (just check your chat window… I am there).  For those who take the time to leave me notes, I want you to know that I read every single comment and see every single like, and appreciate all of you, and the time you take to be a part of the Amy Shuman Photography community.


Anyone who books a 60 minute or longer session in the month of August and mentions they are a fan on facebook gets a $50 print credit added to their photo package! (you just have to book in August, but the shoot can be later in the year).

And now, I leave you with a list of very important “thank yous” to name a few – because I can never say “thank you” enough, and all of these people are forever a part of Amy Shuman Photography:


Intro to Photography Class, Davis, CA

Posted on: June 21st, 2012

When people ask me how I got started in photography, I explain that I bought a camera, thought I could just “figure it out” and then promptly enrolled in a formal class when the menus utterly confused me.  I shot in “auto” mode for awhile, or one of the other modes that the camera had set up for me for kids or pets or landscapes… but using those wasn’t giving me the images I wanted, and at the time I did not know why.

Once I took classes, I was much more confident in my photography and started building a business.  I was so humbled when people began to ask me if I would ever teach a class… “just the basics.”  I started thinking about all the things I wished I had known years ago so that the pictures I took of my family or at events would have turned out better. I came up with this concept for a one night workshop to share information that I thought would be most helpful for portraits.

For this workshop, I have narrowed down a list of topics that I think will help you take better day to day portraits, regardless of what camera you are using (even if its mostly an iPhone camera!).

  • Understanding Natural Light:  Direction, quality, time of day, highlights and shadows
  • Composition: Framing your subject, angles, backgrounds
  • Posing: Some quick tips on flattering poses
  • Focus:  What makes images come out blurry?  How can we clear that up?

We will spend the time both in “lecture” and with hands on learning, so bring your camera along.  We will shoot outdoors and get to see first hand different ways to use natural light.  I would love for you to join us on Thursday, August 2nd in Davis, CA from 6pm to 8pm!  Please email me at to register.  Registration is just $30 per person.



Headshot Day tomorrow!

Posted on: June 9th, 2012

Excited for this promotional mini session coming up tomorrow at the Woodland Opera House.  Twice a year I offer these mini sessions for people who need one new image for their websites or for auditions.  This event is sponsored by the Woodland Opera House in collaboration with my great friends at Sacramento Vocal Music.  Can’t wait to see the smiling faces and spend time with my fabulous makeup artists and assistants!

(There is room for 1 more in the afternoon if anyone reading this wants to jump in… email me at