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Sacramento, CA Wedding: Brandon and Kelsey

Posted on: June 26th, 2016

Brandon and Kelsey got married at Crawfords Barn on a beautiful summer day in June. I had so much fun working with this couple! Here are some favorites from the day.


Digital Photography Classes in Davis, CA

Posted on: June 3rd, 2014

Summer is a great time to get outside and learn how to use your camera!  Practice portrait techniques in preparation for you family get-togethers and vacations.  We start with an intro class on how to shoot in manual mode, then explore outdoor lighting and portrait photography in more depth.  We will meet Tuesday nights in Davis, CA from 6:30 to 8:30pm and each class will build on the next. Dates of each class are listed in the flier below.

This class is perfect for people who own D-SLR cameras, have started testing them out a bit, but want to learn more.  Learn settings and techniques through this hands-on workshop, and have the opportunity to ask questions as we go along.


3 class Series July 2014


Mother’s Day Contest, Davis / Woodland / Sacramento, CA

Posted on: January 30th, 2014

Inspirational Women Series, Part One:    Mother’s Day contest

There are so many amazing women out there doing incredible and inspirational things, and Amy Shuman Photography wants to recognize one of these special people in a big way.  To get started, we have chosen Mother’s Day as the “theme” of our first contest of the year.

Nominate a mom in your life by sharing her story.  We want to know what this prize would mean to her, and why she deserves to win.

We want to hear stories about the moms out there who you love and admire.  The moms whose support gets us through difficult times.  The moms who sacrifice selflessly.  The moms who motivate us and encourage us, lead by example, and show us strength.  The moms who deserve to be thanked.  You know the kind… we are talking about your moms!

 … and while we are on that topic, this is my beautiful mom…


Ok, so more about the contest …

What’s the prize for the winner, you ask??…

ALL of these GREAT things!

  •  Their very own photo shoot with Amy Shuman Photography in Davis, CA
  • Professional haircut and style by Amanda Walker at Salon Jewel
  • Professional makeup application by Veronica Marshall of Dolce Vita Beauty
  • a mini accordion fold photo book AND a $200 photo print credit
  • Their story and photos featured on the Amy Shuman Photography blog on Mother’s Day

 AND wait.. THERE’S MORE!  They also will get a gift basket filled with special treats and certificates all donated by the following generous partners:

 Total gift is valued at over $800!

So please take a moment to nominate someone who might like to spend the day with us.  We are eager to make them feel as beautiful as they are; our small way of saying “thank you” for being an incredible person.

Deadline to “Mom-inate” is March 1st, 2014.

Fine Print:  The winner must be available for a photo shoot within the month of April, 2014 in the Davis, CA area.   Winner will need to sign model release form to be featured on the blog.  Exact date of photo shoot to be determined with winner.  Entries will be reviewed in early March and the person who sent in the nomination will be contacted to obtain contact information for the winning mom.  Gift basket will be presented to winner on the day of the photo shoot.

To enter, just fill out and submit this form:

Tell your friends!


Digital Photography class ~ Davis, CA ~ beginning level

Posted on: January 21st, 2014

It’s that time of year again!  New D-SLR owners who have had a chance to test out their Christmas gifts.  If you are anything like me, then you soon realized there was a lot more to these kind of cameras than you originally thought.  I remember buying my Nikon D5000, looking at the back of it and thinking … “well, maybe I can find a class …”

This class is a hands-on, intro course to teach shooting in manual mode.  We will cover the other modes on your camera, what they do, and how you can change the settings on your camera to get the images you are dreaming about.

You can’t learn everything about photography in just 2 and a half hours, but my goal is to give you the tools to be more confident in using your camera, and a good understanding of the terminology for the technical side of things.  And I will be there with you to help answer questions!

We will also talk about composition and natural lighting, and tips for taking portraits outdoors.

Your camera was likely a big investment.  Spending a little time in a class is a great way to get the most out of your new gear!  Hope you can make it on Sunday, Feb 16th!

To register, just email me at

Jan2014 class

Photography Workshop: Intro to Off Camera Flash – Woodland, CA

Posted on: October 22nd, 2013


Been doing photography for a while now, but ready to add another level to your photos?  Been wanting to invest in a flash, and trying to use it off of your camera for creative effects?  Ever tried to shoot an indoor evening event without a flash and felt like it was impossible?  Ever had to use that awful pop-up flash that is part of your camera as a last resort?  Wish there was a class that would just purchase the gear you need for you and then show you how to use it?  Well, you have come to the right place!!

I started working with off camera flash about 2 and a half years ago, and loved the flexibility it gave me to add drama and depth to my photos.  I love that when I have a flash with me, I am not limited by the natural lighting conditions.  I would love to share some of what I have learned with you in this intro class.

We will start the day with a short talk on the idea behind lighting and some lighting basics, and then we move into the bulk of this hands-on workshop.  We will have models available (probably dressed up like brides) to photograph as they get hair and makeup done and then move around an indoor facility with very little ambient light.  I will lead you through different types of setups and you can practice live in class with your very own manual flash and transmitter and receiver!

Best part?  You get to KEEP the flash, transmitter AND receiver once the class is over!  I know what you are thinking… “What’s the catch?  How can she offer such a great class AND the gear for just $375?  Will I have to listen to a timeshare speech??”  And the answer is “No.  You won’t have to listen to any timeshare speeches.”  But I WILL introduce you to the lighting system I use and I think you will love it.  Oh, and you can use the images you create in the class for your portfolios, too! (Just keeps getting better, right?!)

Space is limited, so email me today to book your spot (  The class will be held in Woodland, CA on Sunday, November 24 from 1pm – 5pm (that is the Sunday before Thanksgiving week).  Tuition is $375.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity for a hands-on introduction to off camera flash!

NOTE:  This class is geared toward photographers who shoot with a D-SLR camera (Nikon, Canon, or Sony) and are already relatively comfortable with shooting in manual mode.  A basic understanding of exposure settings will be very useful.  No experience with flash required.

Hope you can join us!

Woodland Wedding Fair with local professionals

Posted on: October 14th, 2013


Coming up this week!!  I am happy to announce that I am participating in a free bridal fair hosted by the Woodland, CA wedding professionals.  This event is free and open to the public.  Join us on the back patio of Ludy’s Main St. BBQ in downtown Woodland, CA on Thursday, October 17th from 6pm to 8pm.

There will be show specials, raffles, and giveaways!  Check out the list of vendors, below!  A great chance to check out local businesses and ask questions of people in the wedding business.


Dolce Vita Beauty.  Woodland Travel.  Ciocolat. Bellisima Bridal Boutique. Historic Oakdale Ranch.  Strelitzia Flower Company. The Little Details. Vacaville Opera House. Eye Connoisseur. The Gifted Penguin. Erin Summ, Officiant.  Firehouse Entertainment.  The Gibson Mansion.

Sikh Wedding: Naresh and Nalini: By Sacramento wedding photographer

Posted on: September 15th, 2013

Part one of the beautiful Indian wedding last month. These are a few favorite shots from the Sikh wedding ceremony that took place in West Sacramento, California. It was a beautiful day, filled with so much love. It was also great to be working along side my friends at 4th Wall Productions, who were there as the videographers.

Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding

Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding
Indian Wedding

Wine country landscapes by Sacramento Photographer

Posted on: July 7th, 2013

A few cool shots from an event I shot in Fairfield a couple weeks back and wanted to share:


Digital Photography Class, Davis CA Workshop

Posted on: March 23rd, 2013

Excited to announce the next digital photography class, to be held in Davis, CA!  I just returned from a week-long photography conference (WPPI) in Las Vegas, and am eager to share some of that knowledge with all of you!  The last few photo classes have been a lot of fun, but I always feel like we run out of time.  To help remedy that, I am scheduling the April workshop for 4 full hours.  It will be a small group, so I can really have time to answer everyone’s questions, and also give you plenty of time to try out the different techniques.

This class is great for beginners, or for people who have been experimenting with their camera on their own but feel stuck.  We will talk about exposure basics, but then spend the bulk of time getting up and trying things out.  Since its Spring and flowers are in bloom, we will spend part of the class outside, too!


5_X_5 template

To register, just email me at .  Hope to see you there!



Behind the Scenes at the Makeover Event

Posted on: February 14th, 2013

The makeover event on Sunday was a treat to be a part of!  James Glica-Hernandez of Sacramento Vocal Music was a wonderful and gracious host.  The event took place at his studio in Woodland, CA.  Here is a shot of all of the crew behind the scenes:

SVM Makeovers

From Left to right: Veronica Marshall, Amy Shuman, Amanda Walker, James Hernandez, Quentin Carbajal, Michael Diaz

We spent the day chatting, snacking, and creating some beautiful art.  The team of makeup and hairstylists did a fantastic job! Here they are at work:


Michael Diaz, Mary Kay Superstar, doing makeup for Claire


Veronica Marshall of Artistry Pro by Dolce Vita Beauty styling Chloe’s hair


Amanda Walker, from the Salon Jewel, working on Angie’s hairstyle

Then we took a break to give James a makeover!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the event!  I look forward to more collaborations in the future!


hair by Amanda Walker. Makeup by Michael Diaz


Hair and Makeup by Veronica Marshall


Hair and Makeup by Veronica Marshall


Hair and Makeup by Veronica Marshall


Hair by Amanda Walker. Makeup by Michael Diaz

Visit our partners sites and show them some love:

The Salon Jewel

Artistry Pro by DV Beauty

Dolce Vita Beauty

Sacramento Vocal Music