Behind the Scenes at the Makeover Event

Posted on: February 14th, 2013

The makeover event on Sunday was a treat to be a part of!  James Glica-Hernandez of Sacramento Vocal Music was a wonderful and gracious host.  The event took place at his studio in Woodland, CA.  Here is a shot of all of the crew behind the scenes:

SVM Makeovers

From Left to right: Veronica Marshall, Amy Shuman, Amanda Walker, James Hernandez, Quentin Carbajal, Michael Diaz

We spent the day chatting, snacking, and creating some beautiful art.  The team of makeup and hairstylists did a fantastic job! Here they are at work:


Michael Diaz, Mary Kay Superstar, doing makeup for Claire


Veronica Marshall of Artistry Pro by Dolce Vita Beauty styling Chloe’s hair


Amanda Walker, from the Salon Jewel, working on Angie’s hairstyle

Then we took a break to give James a makeover!


Thank you to everyone who participated in the event!  I look forward to more collaborations in the future!


hair by Amanda Walker. Makeup by Michael Diaz


Hair and Makeup by Veronica Marshall


Hair and Makeup by Veronica Marshall


Hair and Makeup by Veronica Marshall


Hair by Amanda Walker. Makeup by Michael Diaz

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Artistry Pro by DV Beauty

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